PowerShower Ranking System

Before embarking on my first major Scottish golf trip with my friend Matt, we decided that every course had existing reviews written on the clubhouse, the course, and the hospitality. After discussing this, we decided to go a different direction and rate every club's showers. The PowerShower rating system was born. We took a shower at every course (sometimes resulting in three showers a day) and rated each showering experience, creating surprising results. 

Literally hundreds of different aspects go into rating a PowerShower. The tile quality, water pressure, heat, ambience, curtain material, towels, privacy, and soap/shampoo options all factor into the rating. Not to mention, the indescribable "it" factor that courses such as Prestwick's member locker room or Loch Lomond's great showers seem to have.

Our lighthearted "PowerShower" rating system has stuck since the days of my earliest Scottish golf trip, and I do my best to take a post-round shower at nearly every course. While the PowerShower rating system may have a humorous side, the rating of showers holds real validity. The quality of a club's showers typically directly correlate to the calibre of their other facilities. A self-respecting, top quality club should offer great showers for their members' and guests' enjoyment.

The rating system is out of 10 and is extremely harsh and difficult. A 10/10 has never been awarded...

Current Top 5 PowerShowers:
1. Prestwick Golf Club (Member's locker room) (9)
1. Loch Lomond Golf Club (9)
2. Archerfield Golf Links (8)
3. Muirfield (The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers) (7.3)
4. Winged Foot (7.0)
5. Biltmore Forest (7.0)