Monday, November 4, 2013

St Andrews Old Course Changes: Phase 2

The second round of changes to the St Andrews Old Course began yesterday. The renovations are occurring over the 3rd, 4th, 6th, 9th and 15th holes. 

Martin Hawtree's design changes have been implemented in two stages. The first round of changes occurred this time last year, and photos can be seen here and here. This second stage is said to include the 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 9th holes. I have included before and after photos below. 

What do you think of the changes? Comment underneath the post and we'll get some discussion going!

Hole #3
10/11/13 - Fairway bunkering is being widened and slightly shifted away from the center of the fairway.

14/11/13 - A bunker in the fairway has been filled in and a bunker further down the fairway has been created. The bunker that has been deleted found very little use... I'm sure at the time of its creation, it was built in the driving landing area. The new bunker, in the modern landing area, is 50+ yards ahead. This is a perfect example of changes in club technology rendering various aspects of courses "outdated." 

Hole #4 
The fourth hole will have the two bunkers short and right of the green filled in and replaced with two (possibly one) larger bunkers much tighter and closer to the right edge of the green.



5/11/13 - Martin Hawtree was on scene and was directing every move.


10/11/13 - After initially completing the shaping of the 4th green side area, all of the sod has been pulled back up and the ground has been reshaped.

14/11/13 - Re-sodding the area left of 4 green is now complete.

Hole #6
10/11/13 - Shaping seems to be complete and the area is being re-sodded.

Hole #9
10/11/13 - A new bunker is being added short, left of the green.
14/11/13 - A very large bunker, approximately 50-60 yards short of the green has been created.
Hole #15
14/11/13 - Reshaping of the rear are of the green is now occurring.


  1. We should not be changing perfection.

  2. The Rape of The Old Course but for what reason the 2015 Open or just the R&A again showing it can do what it wants and no one can stop them - they need to be accountable for their actions and decisions before they kill the game of golf stone dead, but by then they will have mane enough money not to outwardly care.

  3. can you please give a few more updated photos? perhaps you can link some comments from architect or other informed observers in St A's.

    1. The areas of the changes are currently roped off and are still healing. Once the ropes get taken down (most likely in April) I will take a photos of all the changes settled in.