Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eating & Drinking in St Andrews, Scotland

             As a general rule, any restaurant with “House” on the end of the name is a good place to eat a nice dinner. Glass House (14-25 pound entrees), Grill House (10-18 pound entrees), Doll's House (14-25 pound entrees), Pitcher House (7-15 pound entrees) etc. The "House" restaurants typically also have very good low priced lunch deals. Zizi’s is a good Italian restaurant that is fairly consistent with good food and service. Bella Italia is a restaurant that can be found all around the UK. Unfortunately the Bella Italia in St Andrews is pretty hit or miss. I have had very good meals there and also very bad meals.
            The Dunvegan, Golf Place and Ma Bells, are all nice pubs to have a pint and some pub food. For a more “British feeling” pub, both the Central and the Criterion fill the niche. The Blue Stane replaced a pub known as The Raisin and advertises itself as a whiskey pub. For a dose of locals and history, a golfer can go to The Keys on Market St. The Keys has tons of history and has served drinks to everyone from R&A Captains to famous golfing names such as Old and Young Tom Morris. The Jigger Inn is a nice pub right off the 17th hole of the Old and is a great place for a pint after the round. Their burgers are also very solid. For nice, but pricier drinks, the Number 40 is the St Andrews Golf hotel bar. It is a nice place for a cocktail or whisky, but not the best for beer. Along the same pricey guidelines, the Old Course Hotel bar has a view that is hard to beat. The selection of single malts that can be found at the Old Course bar is impressive and unmatched elsewhere in St Andrews.

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