Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Daily Life

            As a student of the University of St Andrews I am able to get a St Andrews Links Pass for 170 pounds. This allows me to play any of the seven St Andrews Links courses as frequently as I want, whenever I want. In the course of my freshman year, I played the Old Course 55 times and the other six courses roughly 40 times. With class only three days a week, I was also able to fit in numerous rounds on other great UK courses.
            I play for the University of St Andrews’ third golf team in addition to playing club matches. During club matches ten players are sent from the University of St Andrews Men’s Golf Club to play other golf clubs. These range from small local clubs all the way up to the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and Prestwick. Club matches typically include a morning round on the course, a feast lunch, followed by an afternoon round. These club matches are a great way to play lots of UK golf and meet members at great courses.
            Combined with good academics at the University, there aren’t many other places that an avid golfer would rather have as a hometown!


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  2. Will look forward to hearing more form my young friend who is "livin the dream" ;-)

  3. But why is a links golfer posting a picture of himself in a buggy? LOL

  4. haha very good point! may need to switch out that photo...